17 January 2016

Throwback Thirstday: The Steady Rise Of Sour Beer

1. Diversity is great for the industry.

“Big beer” is still widely available and has suffocating marketing campaigns to prove it, but craft beer and sour beer are trending upward.

IPAs, Seasonals, Varieties, Amber Ales and more have all seen increases in dollar share in recent years, per boxbrewkits.com. They go on to say:

“Our own experiences show that [sours are] making their way onto many beer lists and are significantly easier to find today than in the past. There’s a small but growing cult following around sours—especially among bars and beer stores that are destinations for avid craft beer drinkers.”

Enter Side Lot Brewery. We love craft beer and we love sours. If you’re hankering to try one out, park it on one of our barstools and get ready for a memorable drink.



2. It opens up a whole new world.

Of beer drinking, that is. But feel free to sing that song from Aladdin if you wish.

Ever feel stuck by the same old drink? No? Well, that’s because such a huge range of beer is now available to you. We live in a golden age of beer drinking, where craft brewing is encouraged and sour beer is easier to find than ever.

Becoming a sour beer hunter gives you even more drinks to try before you die, and that’s a great thing. Because:



3. Sour beer is really friggin’ good.

If you’re still tripping on the word “sour,” let’s substitute some better adjectives. Sours are complex, fascinating, tart and fruity. Take Golden Angel from Wicked Weed Brewing (great name, by the way).

Paste Magazine recently named it the #1 sour in the country. The key ingredient in Golden Angel? A ludicrous amount of apricot. So much that “you would think you were biting into the juiciest apricot known to man.” Mmmmmm.

Sours are unlike anything else on tap. Enjoying one is like jumping into a time machine and going back to a European monastery where those magnificent monks perfected the process.

It’s our goal at Side Lot Brewery to give you a great experience every time. A quick way to do that is to take your time with glass of sour.

Ask us what sours we have on tap. If there’s nothing at the moment, be patient. The next one is on its way.