Side Lot is partnered with Great Lakes Distillery, a small-batch distiller from Milwaukee, WI. Their award-winning spirits are handcrafted and produced in limited quantity thanks to old-world methods. The end result: a superior drink.

Great Lakes Distillery is made up of a handful of passionate people who are dedicated to the art if distillation. They’re excited to share their unique spirits with you. One sample and you’ll taste the hand-made difference.

  • Kinnickinnic Whiskey

    An Ojibwe word meaning “what is mixed”

    Kinnickinnic Whiskey is a blend of Straight Bourbon which was sourced from one of America’s finest distilleries and a Malt whiskey and a Rye Whiskey produced at Great Lakes Distillery. Bottled it at 86 proof and not filtered it so ALL the very best flavor is making it into the bottle.

    American Blended Whiskeys are typically a mixture of a little Whiskey and Neutral Grain Spirit (essentially vodka!). Rest assured, there is no Neutral Grain Spirit in Kinnickinnic. It’s 100% Whiskey, and possibly the only American Blended Whiskey made this way on the market.

  • Rehorst Gin

    “Double Gold Medal” Winner 2008 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

    Not quite your traditional London Dry, not quite a Dutch Genevere, often referred to as one of the “New American” style gins.

    Rehorst Gin owes its unique character to a host of botanicals which are balanced and distilled in small batches using the best equipment we know of – our distiller’s sense of smell and taste!

    Made with 9 botanicals including two never found in any gin before. The first, sweet basil adds a unique fresh floral character. Next, we use Wisconsin Ginseng – long recognized as the worlds finest quality ginseng. The majority of this crop is exported to Asia where it is revered by herbalists. We use it to add an earthiness to our gin that gives it a unique Wisconsin flavor.

  • Roaring Dan’s Rum

    Flavored with 100% pure maple syrup

    Roaring Dan’s Rum is distilled from fermented grade “A” sugar cane molasses. Before a second distillation, pure Wisconsin maple syrup is added. The rum is then aged in a combination of new charred American white oak barrels and used bourbon barrels. The hint of maple we add gives Roaring Dan’s Rum a buttery sweetness on palate entry followed by a dry finish. Try it straight up or in your favorite mixer. Be sure to check our cocktail database for some great rum cocktails.

  • Rehorst Vodka

    Silver Medal in 2007 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

    Hand made in small batches with old world methods and traditions. Made 100% from grain our Vodka gets its naturally sweet and smooth taste from a mash of Wisconsin grown red wheat and red wheat malt. Discarding the heads and tails of each batch, only the most desirable ‘middle cut’ is bottled to produce the best-tasting vodka possible. Each step of the Rehorst Vodka creation process is supervised by our master distiller.