1 February 2016

Love light beer? Here’s the craft beer you should drink.

So. We have good news and bad news. Bad news first: There aren’t really any light craft beers.

Why aren’t there any light craft beers? A couple of reasons.
1. Light beer sacrifices flavor. If you were to poll craft beer brewers and drinkers and ask them if that notion sounded appealing, you’d get crickets in response.

2. Light beer is surprisingly hard to brew properly. Lagers don’t brew as fast as ales, and because there isn’t as much taste in light beer, you’d notice an inconsistent batch much easier than you would in something with more flavor.

There’s the bad news. Now let’s shift into the good news: If you love light beer, you can fairly easily find a craft beer you enjoy. Here’s how.


Clue #1: Count calories.

You might like light beer because you’re watching your weight. You might like it because, for whatever reason, you’ve found you can drink more of them. Well, surprise surprise, you’re able to do that because light beer has fewer calories than your standard brew.

But if there aren’t any light craft beers and it’s hard to find calorie information, how are you supposed to find a craft beer that’s comparable to a light one? The answer lies in that three letter acronym all beer drinkers know and love: ABV.


Clue #2: Find and try beers with ABVs under 5.0%.

And here lies the hack to finding craft beer that suits your light beer-loving palette. Because ABV is strongly related to calorie count, sample some low-ABV options until you find a craft beer you like.

At Side Lot Brewery, we have a couple low-ABV options: Polestar Lager and The Crisp, pair one or these beverages with a small plate like our bacon jam, and your day is made in the shade.


Take heart. The right craft beer is out there.

Whether you’ve given up hope that you can enjoy a craft beer or you’re looking to expand your light beer horizons, don’t worry. Somewhere there’s a new drink that was brewed just for you. Search for low calories and a low ABV, then sample a whole bunch of stuff until you find your craft beer soulmate.

We at Side Lot — located lakeside in Wauconda, IL — wish you the best of luck on your journey. Should you need a seat for your tasting adventures, we have one waiting for you.