11 April 2016

What Exactly Is Nitro Cold Brew Coffee, And Why Is It So Awesome?

Side Lot Brewery—located lakeside in Wauconda, IL—is now serving nitro cold brew coffee. We’re trying really hard not to drink all of it and instead serve it to our customers.

We know what you’re thinking. “Come on. Is nitro cold brew coffee really that good?”

Indeed it is. Check out this Q&A to learn what makes it different and why you should try it as soon as you can.


Q: Why’s it called nitro?

A: Nitro is not a trademarked product name. The drink is actually infused with nitrogen, which is shortened to nitro because that sounds way cooler.


Q: So it’s liquid nitrogen?

A: Ha. Nice one. Because of the nitrogen infusion, nitro cold brew coffee is creamier and slightly sweeter than the cold brew you already know.


Q: Got it.

A: That’s not a question, but we’ll allow it. A lot of people put cream and sugar in it like usual, but because nitro cold brew coffee is a little sweeter, it’s a great gateway to drinking black coffee if you’re thinking of making the switch.


Q: What else should I know about it?

A: Nitro cold brew coffee is at home in a brewery, because it’s served from a keg and poured from a tap. The result is foamy, bubbly goodness that looks a lot like a dark beer would. Some people drink it straight up and some people enjoy it over ice. That’s just a matter of personal preference.


Q: The million dollar question: How’s the jolt?

A: Friggin’ excellent. We don’t know enough about science to tell you why, but nitro cold brew coffee brings the jolt to you faster than regular coffee does.


Q: How long will Side Lot Brewery be serving nitro?

A: From now until the end of time. And, best of all, we will float nitro coffee on top of any of our beers (similar to a Black and Tan) for just $1. It’s so good. You’ve got to try it.


Whether you’re in the mood for alcohol or caffeine—or both at the same time—come on in and hang out. We have a seat waiting for you.