We are happy to serve this conversation fuel thanks to our friends at Conscious Cup, a dynamite local coffee roaster in Crystal Lake, IL. We currently carry their Brothers Espresso varietal: Bright Fruit, Toasted Oat and Cocoa. The roster of beans come from all over the globe, including Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Mexico and Colombia.

  • Pour Over

    Pour over coffee is very distinct: It's like picking up a drafting pen after only writing with Magic Markers. More important, the coffee tastes different. The flavors can be distinctive and bright, even sweet. A "bean" is really the fermented seed of a cherrylike shrub, and if coffee is roasted carefully and brewed correctly, you can taste the flower and the fruit.

  • Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

    Cold brew NITRO coffee compared to regular cold brew coffee is crisper and slightly sweeter. Even when nitro coffee is consumed black it is still creamier and silky than a regular cold brew coffee. Which means it’s not uncommon for some coffee drinkers — who usually swear by adding milk and sugar — to drink this stuff straight. This icy brew is stored in a pressurized keg and infuse with nitrogen gas, making it pour with a nice thick white head and enough caffeine to straighten your hair. If you have the option to choose between Nitro vs. Not… go with nitro, better flavor, more caffeine and bigger bang for your buck.